Catch Sight of Sunglasses on Movie Hits

Published: 17th June 2010
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Celebrities appear on screen with different characters. We may know them personally but for each role they play in several shows or movie films, they get to hold a character that may be different of whom they was. Perhaps, they show off different passion and lifestyle. Sometimes, they even wear different outfits with different accessories just to become suitable on the role that they are playing. And sunglasses are just one of the popular accessories that most celebrities use on their shows and movies.

In the "Sex in the City Sequel", one of Sarah Jessica Parker's great scene was the part where she was leaving the apartment unit at which she got several takes on it. On her character as Carrie Bradshaw, on the act of being cheerful and good to be back at work, she definitely looks very attractive with her simple, well-fit V-neck white cocktail dress coupled with a pair of a pretty shoes and a well-suited Mykita Sunglass. The sunglass that Sarah Jessica Parker on the scene is the Franz style mirrored sunglass which was inspired by the Downhill Ski Champion, Franz Klammer and the style was basically named after him. These mirrored sunglasses also come in various lens colors such as blue, red and so on. Its design combines a classy retro that definitely looks great to anyone that would wear it. Aside from the great design, Mykita Sunglasses are highly recognized as one of the best quality sunglasses on the field of eyewear fashion.

Much more of excellent sunglasses, OAKLEY brand was also one of the trusted which is also used by most of the popular Hollywood actors on their fantastic movie hits. OAKLEY sunglasses are really great as it could be a sunglass of all times and of all ages.

OAKLEY sunglasses are recognized as the best preference for fashion and sports eyewear. It has been the choice of several local and Hollywood actresses, actors and other popular personalities such as Lance Armstrong, Matt Damon, Elle Macpherson, Jason Bourne, Vin Diesel and so on. Oakley sunglasses was also spotted in the movie "Men in Black", "Blues Brothers", "Randy Teen" (used by Tom Cruise), and "Risky Business" (used Joel Goodson). The sporty image of Oakley eyewear makes it also suitable for action heroes at which it is also spotted in the movie "X-Men"-- two Oakley sunglass, the Oakley Juliet and Oakley Penny were used by the character of Cyclops. Oakley Fours was also sighted in the "Blade" movie where the black lenses and black frame designed sunglasses fits well enough to the vampire character and hero character played by Wesley Snipes. On the movie, "The Bourne Supremacy" and "The Bourne Ultimatum", Matt wears an Oakley sunglass playing the role of Roy Miller who was a chief of the US Army who agrees to help the CIA to creep out nuclear weapons on Iraq only if there is suspected unlawful schemes. It was the Oakley M Frame Strike style that Matt was wearing which is one of the radical designs of Oakley. Moving more with Oakley on popular movies, Oakley has also been an attribute to Vin Diesel's movies. Vin Diesel definitely looks perfect with the sporty eyewear of Oakley as sighted in his movies "Babylon A.D", "The Fast and the Furious", "XXX" and so on.

There is no such excellent sporty eyewear than Oakley sunglasses and if you want to have a sports figure or a cool charm, simply get an Oakley sunglass and you would surely be counted on.

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